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About Jake

Founder and CEO of studios, entertainment, and media company Indigo Soul NYC and boutique indie label The Color Indigo Records, Jake Tavill is an artist, songwriter, producer, and engineer who’s goal in life is to create, and empower others to create, moving art. 


A graduate of NYU Tisch’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and the Village East Conservatory, Jake has released a number of albums (incl. Indigo Child and Twisted Ideology), coordinated Snarky Puppy’s renowned GroundUP Music Festival, worked with talented musicians from Jazz to Pop, scored and engineered for Film/TV (notably hit K-Dramas such as It’s Okay Not To Be Okay, A Piece of Your Mind, and Doona!), engineered for live and broadcast productions in world class venues such as Radio City Music Hall, and has had the pleasure to perform for audiences around the world. 


As an artist, soulful melodies, empathetic lyrics, and moving instrumentation define his music, drawing influence from classic icons of soul, funk, and jazz like Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, P-Funk and Miles Davis - as well as innovative modern music-makers like Snarky Puppy, Vulfpeck, Moonchild, and Robert Glasper (who taught Jake at NYU.) Lauded as “A young bushy-haired singer with a sweet soulful voice” (American Songwriter Magazine) that’s “Magnetizing” (The Aquarian), “thought-worthy” (The Burning Ear) and “a kettle full of colorful soul with a lot of heart” (We Love That Sound), his music has garnered airplay on over 200 radio stations internationally.  


Jake started Indigo Soul NYC to harness the power of the artistic community he had seen grow disconnected yet ever more inspired, through creating accessible resources and support to encourage collaboration across genre, background, and medium to shape the future of culture and make an impact on society.



"Singer/songwriter Jake Tavill has a fresh voice and keen ear for sweet melodies. A vibrant one-two punch of soul, funk, rock, pop, and more."
“A rising name to keep an ear open for, Jake demonstrates a crisp, floating voice that can intensify into powerful, soulful interludes and diminish into quieter, pleading tones as each song warrants”
“Elements from jazz, blues, pop, and rock blend with soulful vocals and emotion-filled lyrics to create organic music that audiences cannot resist.”
“KEEP your EARS on Jake  he’s gonna’ rise to the top quickly”

Sharan Paul - Mind Equals Blown

“A young bushy-haired singer with a sweet soulful voice that lies somewhere between the legendary Bill Withers and British singer/songwriter Passenger.”
“A musical firework, a kettle full of colorful soul with a lot of heart (Translation from German)”
“Talent! This is the only way to describe Jake Tavill. (Jake’s) talents shine almost effortlessly as he sings every note, he belongs onstage sharing his artistic talents with the world.”

Shaine Freeman - I Am Entertainment Magazine

“thought-worthy lyrics”
In A Word: Magnetizing.

From the get-go the relentless howl of the guitar and rhythmic response between the horns and drums feels like an improv conversation. The instruments play off each other and seem to prompt Tavill’s unique voice, which resonates as a combination of legends.  An emotional whirlwind."

“I would listen all day just to open my mind and enjoy. The music is deep and moving and the lyrics are aimed to hit your soul and heart. A breath of fresh air from what I've heard lately on any format.”

Jon Allred - Indie Music Lives Here

“Tavill has a fresh sound, yet vintage sound and is absolutely onto something.”
“Slick waves that unwind the listener for a tremendously smooth leeway that sways the senses. Tavill pours his heart onto the keys as he sings”
“Tavill is an exciting talent who should continue to enthrall listeners for years to come. A fascinating blend of old and new with deeply contemplative lyrics, a deeply satisfying experience which will keep you thinking and relating through multiple listenings.”
“More than capable of persuading you that singing along with the chorus is nothing less than inevitable.”

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