Won’t You Write Another Letter Baby

Won’t You Write Another Letter Please

I Could Help You On Your Journey

You Don’t Need To Tip Me


Won’t You Leave Another Cut In My Heart

Won’t You Leave Another Scar On My Head

I Could Help You on Your Journey

If I’m Not Already Dead


Won’t You Give Me A Little Slack Babe

Won’t You Give Me A Little Room

I Could Give You Everything You Wanted

You Wouldn’t Have To Leave So Soon


Won’t You Give Me Another Chance Babe

I Could Really Put On A Show

I Could Really Make It Worth Your While

You Wouldn’t Ever Want To Go


I’ve Been Trying For So Long

I Can’t Find The Strength To Carry On

I’ve Been Hurting For So Long

So C’est La Vie

C'est La Vie

© 2019 by Jake Tavill

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